Can a machine be conscious?

As technology advances more and more rapidly, we are coming closer to technology that previous generations would never even have dreamed of. The possibilities seem endless; but the question of whether or not a machine can have consciousness is still up in the air. Can a machine be conscious?

Yes, a machine can be conscious

Machines and computers can be programmed to have advanced functions that have at one point in history seemed outlandish and impossible. It is entirely possible to program a machine to be completely autonomous and have a consciousness of its own. Consciousness is self-awareness, and computers are capable of being aware of themselves and their environment. A machine that is self-aware is conscious.

No, a machine can't be conscious

Consciousness is an organic, biological function of the brain that can't be replicated by machines. Brains and computers do not work in the same way; computers take in information from their environment passively and stores it in blocks, while brains actively take in information from the environment and process it with complex neural connections. A machine can't replicate these neural connections, so a machine can't be conscious.
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