Should Catalonia become independent?

Catalonia is a region in the northeast corner of Spain and is home to Barcelona, the region’s capital. The question of Catalan independence has been a part of Spanish politics for at least three centuries. Since the 1970s, Catalans have been in conflict with the Spanish government and within themselves about becoming an independent country. The question of Catalan independence is central to Spain’s politics and has been polarizing public opinion even further since the 2010s. The demand for Catalan independence has risen greatly in the past few years, to the disappointment of the Spanish government. Is the Catalan drive for independence justified, and is independence feasible?

Yes, Catalonia should become independent

History, culture, politics, and economics influence separatists' and Catalan nationalists' drive for independence from Spain.

Catalonia is culturally distinct

Catalonia has its own rich culture, history, and linguistic heritage that dates back to 220 BCE. Catalonia should become an independent nation to affirm their strong cultural heritage.

Catalonia has a right to self-government

Spain should recognize Catalonia's government and desire for self-determination. Spain should respect the results of Catalonia's 2014 non-official self-determination referendum and the 2017 independence referendum.

"Madrid nos roba": Catalonia can economically support itself better than Spain does

"Madrid nos roba" (Madrid is robbing us.) Catalonia, Spain's wealthiest region, pays Madrid and the Spanish government more in taxes than what Catalonia receives in economic support.

Catalonia can support itself as a nation

Catalonia has the societal, governmental, and economic infrastructure to support itself as a nation. Catalonia can govern itself better than Spain currently does.

No, Catalonia should not become independent

An independent Catalonia will be detrimental to both Spain and Catalonia. Spain is a sovereign nation whose Constitution and national history should be respected.

We should maintain Spanish unity

Catalonia should remain politically, economically, and culturally tied to Spain. Spanish unity would better serve Catalonia as a region and Spain as a nation, especially since many people in Catalonia consider themselves Spanish.

Catalonia cannot support itself as a nation

Catalonia still lacks much of the infrastructure necessary to be a sovereign nation. Catalan independence would hurt Catalonia's economy and citizens' livelihoods.

Catalonia should respect Spanish sovereignty

Spain is a sovereign nation. Though Catalonia can exercise a level of regional autonomy, Spain's constitution and laws should be respected.
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