Should comics be political?

Since their creation in June of 1938, comic books have unified fans hoping to see super-powered good prevail over evil. Comics as a medium have lasted through numerous international conflicts, from World War II to the War on Terror. During each one of these conflicts, the question of politics' role in comic books has been posed. Political comics are those which try to comment on or influence how a country is governed. Should comics, which routinely explore the extraordinary, comment on the ordinary? Or, should comics concern themselves with fictional politics at most and no politics at the least?

Yes, comic books should be political.

Comic books, while fictional, are still grounded in reality. Politics, for better or worse, are an unavoidable part of life.

X-Men: Making comics relatable through politics

The X-Men comics were created during the civil rights movement in the United States. A lot of political ideas and figures from this time have made their way into the comic through the guise of fictional characters.

The art and politics of comic books

The infamous cover of Captain America punching Adolf Hitler in the face on the cover of Captain America #1 is inherently political, just as comics are.

Politics make comics relatable

By putting politics in comics, characters are better developed.

No, comic books should not be political.

Comic books are a pastime, and as such they should be free from subjects that may be considered mundane and controversial, such as politics.

Comic books are for kids

Comic books are usually targeted at children and read for fun, not for political opinions.

Spider-Man and 9/11: Comics should not be politically controversial

Spider-Man #36 focuses depicts Spider-Man cleaning up the rubble after the attack on the Twin Towers. By focusing on the attack itself and not the motivations behind the attack, politics are avoided as best as they can be.

The politics of comics should not interfere with the history of comics

Political ideas in comics are fine, as long as they are introduced in the correct way.

The best way to introduce diversity in Marvel Comics

In recent years, Marvel has retired a lot of traditional superheroes and replaced them with a younger and more diverse group.
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