Should confederate monuments be removed?

Whether or not confederate monuments should be removed is hotly debated. On one hand, confederacy has a negative history. Automatically, it’s associated with slavery and Civil War. On the other hand, confederate monuments are simply a representation of history. Shouldn’t all history, good or bad, be put on display?

Yes, confederate monuments should be removed

Confederate monuments represent a very painful history. They shouldn’t be allowed to be flaunted around.

Confederate monuments are a representation of slavery

Slavery was a horrible time in history. It was a time where people were abused and deprived of their human rights.

Confederate monuments are not needed to represent Southern pride

Currently, Southern pride is associated with kindness and good food. It shouldn’t be ruined by remembering the Civil War.

No, confederate monuments should not be removed

Confederate monuments are just another part of history. They aren’t hurting anyone and should be an honored reminder of our past.

It’s a part of national history

The Civil War is a part of history that can’t be denied. Therefore, it should be accepted.

It’s a part of Southern history

Southern history includes the horrific consequences of the Civil War. But painful pasts should be embraced since no one can run away from them.

Slavery is over

Thankfully, slavery has been illegal for decades. That means no one should feel bitter about anything representing that painful part of history.
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