Is coronavirus aggravating Islamophobia in India?

As covid-19 hit the headlines and became a national emergency in India, Islamophobia surged. On Twitter, furious posts poured out of the nation with the gruesome hashtag #CoronavirusJihad. The inference was clear: many Indians were using the pandemic as an excuse to victimise its Muslim population. Critics claim its government has done little to stop this, while others say the threat is exaggerated.

Yes, coronavirus is aggravating Islamophobia

The outbreak offers a stunning opportunity for prejudice to grow.

The virus has exacerbated tensions following the Delhi riots

Existing religious have now been given an excuse to grow.

A Muslim sect is being blamed for the virus

The Tablighi Jamaat Islamic missionary group is being scapegoated for the pandemic.

Government policies set the scene for it to grow

The Modi government has introduced a number of Islamophobic policies, which have normalised behaviours we are now witnessing.

No, coronavirus is easing religious tensions

The shared fight against the disease is uniting religious communities.

The nation stands as one

Shows of solidarity are growing as the country comes together to beat the virus.

Coronavirus has had no impact on Islamophobia

The disease has not affected sentiment towards Muslims.

There are bigger concerns about its spread

Islamophobia is not a major talking point in the Indian fight against coronavirus.
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