Why are there so many coronavirus cases in the US?

The US now has more COVID-19 cases than any other country in the world. But why? The virus has taken hold at an alarming speed, outpacing other nations and leading to questions over its healthcare system, economy, capacity for state intervention and policy priorities. Is its spread symptomatic of other weaknesses?

Slow American political response

President Trump failed to acknowledge the coronavirus as a serious public health concern until it was too late.

President Trump chose not to act

The President claimed the threat posed by COVID-19 was exaggerated to avoid taking decisive action.

Putting the economy first

Prioritising economic growth at all costs has led to poor policy decisions.

Poor public health response

The bodies responsible for safeguarding public health and disease control, responded poorly.

The FDA acted indecisively

The US Food and Drug Administration failed to act in the interest of the population.

Failings within the CDC

The CDC was responsible for providing coronavirus testing kits to citizens, and acted too late.

Weak existing infrastructure

US infrastructure is too weak to support a pandemic.

An exclusive healthcare system

The US healthcare system naturally excludes most Americans. Negotiating this situation during a pandemic confused policymakers.
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