Do Viral messages contain good arguments?

Not always

Baby goats in an office are not those good arguments described in traditional argumentation textbooks

what is a "good" argument?

Should we consider a "good argument" a convincing (persuasive) argument?

A "good" argument maybe is not always a necessary condition for a viral message

A high number of engaged people may be perceived as an evidence for reliability

Emotions and identities

Viral messages "trigger" people emotions and personal identities.

Is a good argument something that has an impact in the real world? That changes attitudes and behaviour

there is a difference between virality and persuasiveness

Numbers and shares

As indicators of a virale message?

Explosive reactions

A message may become viral not only because of the good arguments employed by the creators, but also because of the "chain reaction" that activates among the users (horizontal user-user engagement)
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