Does ending climate change mean the end of capitalism?

Scientific consensus suggests we are experiencing a climate catastrophe. Many see Capitalism's drive for growth and accumulation as being incompatible with a finite planet. Do we need a new system to sustain human life?

No - Capitalism can adapt

The dynamism of market forces can be harnessed to tackle climate change

"True Cost" Pricing

Governments can impose taxes and levies that recognise the damage caused by certain goods to market forces and produce socially good outcomes

Green Keynesianism/The Green New Deal

A massive public investment in green technologies would re-orient a Capitalist society without totally overhauling it

Yes - Capitalism is intrinsically unsustainable

Capitalism's central tenets of growth and accumulation are incompatible with a finite world

No Growth Economy

To create a sustainable future, economies must decouple themselves from the notion of economic growth and continuous development
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