Is factory farming a requirement in the 21st century?

The 21st century is turning out to be a watershed moment in history for bringing to light new sensibilities and heightened awareness about different issues. Factory farming, a technique that has allowed large scale mass production of livestock has divided society right down the middle in terms of its necessity.

Factory Farms are needed more than ever

We need industrialized agriculture to help meet the demands of an increasing population.

Factory farming prevents the wastage of necessary resources allowing for efficient production of meat

Factory farming attempts to make rearing livestock easier to prevent wastage, and benefits the environment by reducing the amount of resources required in the process of producing meat. This also allows smaller farms to thrive, and farmers to support themselves and their families.

Factory farming boosts the economic backbone of a country while also satisfying the hunger of its citizens

Factory farming works on a profit-seeking principle. While this may seem extremely money-oriented, it helps boost the economy and improve the standard of living of many associated with industrialized agriculture. It provides an efficient way of tackling the demands of an increasing population.

Factory Farms need to be a thing of the past

Such techniques have no place in a world that is slowly becoming sensitive towards the plight of all creatures, man and beast alike.

Factory farming ignores the ethical connotations of rearing livestock for food

Factory farming is a technique that takes away the rights given to animals by nature. They are ill-treated and reared in cages that are no different from prisons without ever having the freedom to know what the outside world looks and feels like. They are reared for slaughter rendering their lives meaningless.

Factory bred animals are more likely to be carriers of contagious pathogens that amplify pandemics

Factory farming poses one of the major threats to the world in terms of unknowingly spreading dangerous and deadly diseases through its process of breeding, slaughtering and selling of animals. With more than half the world’s population being meat lovers, this farming is less of a capitalistic saving than a ticking time bomb threatening global devastation.
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