Does fortune telling work?

Humans have practiced fortune-telling since ancient times, and it has persisted into the modern day. There are many who believe in fortune-telling whole-heartedly, while others don't believe it's real. Does fortune-telling really work, or is it the longest-running hoax in human history?

Yes, fortune telling works

Fortune-telling would not have persisted throughout human history if it wasn't real and didn't work. As humans, we have complex brains that are capable of anything; even connection with the spirit realm, or the ability to see the future. There are those who have the gift while others don't; it is just like any natural gift or talent, like art or sports. Fortune-telling works because there are signs everywhere that can be read, just like in the sciences where facts can be read from the world around us.

No, fortune telling does not work

Fortune-telling doesn't work because it relies on reading things that aren't really there; messages from spirits (which don't exist) or some fantasy spirit realm, "signs" that the fortune-teller randomly assigns some "meaning" to, etc. Our brains are capable of great things, imagination being one of them; and that's all that fortune-telling is: a product of the imagination, and nothing more.
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