Does "Lolita" glorify pedophilia?

Does the famous novel by Vladimir Nabokov create a positive representation of pedophilia or is it a scathing critique of it?

No, "Lolita" does not glorify pedophilia

The main character of the story is not a hero and his actions are not praised.

Nabokov's goal was to demonstrate the negative aspects of obsession, not praise them

Nabikov’s main character is meant to cause the reader to look past his seemingly harmless facade to see the actual disturbed behavior underneath.

Yes, "Lolita" does glorify pedophilia

Nabokov’s attempts to make points about social hypocrisies are only made by exploiting child sexual abuse.

The character of Dolores, a young child, is only seen as a sexual object

The only perspective in the book is that of Humbert Humbert and his perverse obsessions - the perspective of Dolores, the victim of child sexual abuse, is never depicted and their relationship is never portrayed as abuse.
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