Does the mainstream vegan movement have a race problem?

In influencer circles advocating for a vegan lifestyle, some have suggested the group is not representative of the larger world. And beyond that may even be racist. Is this the case? Or is vegan advocacy a safe space for all?

White supremacy is embedded in mainstream veganism

Influencers with the largest reach tend to be white

Vegans cuturally appropriate content and ideas and rarely give appropriate credit

Vegans need to check their privalege when making assumptions about others

Vegans are in a state of denial when it comes to understanding flaws within their own community

Vegans have no issue tokenising BLM or the Holocaust when it suits them, whilst claiming "the intersectional approach is apologist" when asked to confront their own views and bias

Vegans need to take a stance on Indigenous rights

Mainstream veganism upholds harmful beauty standards

Mainstream veganism is eurocentric and perpetuates fatphobia by centering health and weightloss as opposed to work that is sensitive about body shaming

White vegans frequently employ narratives that perpetuate hierarchical ideas about intelligence and capacity

This sort of thinking is characteristic of eugenic theory and biological determinism

White vegans act as saviours, as opposed to allies

Saviourism de-centers non-human animals and centers the voices of humans. Their focus on certian animals erases the struggles of others and means that humans are choosing who's struggle (voice) should count. This in itself can be rooted in speciesist, ableist and patriarchal thinking and practice.

Vegan spaces are safe and accessable for all

People who are racist aren't real vegans

The crucial ethical premise of veganism is to stand against all forms of oppression, including racism.

It is unfair to assume that veganism is a homogenous community

Calling people racist is infighting and divisive

Including debates about human rights in vegan spaces is speciesist

Advocating for animals is different to many other forms of activism because they don't have a voice, unlike human beings. Intersectional approaches to animal activism distract from the primary concern for vegans which is the lives and suffering of non human animals
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