Has Donald Trump been a good president?

Trump's presidency is considered by the mainstream media and some in the international community as an on-going disaster. Has Trump's presidency delivered? Will history consider him to have been a good president?

Yes, Donald Trump is a good president

Trump's record over the last four years has shown that he has been a good president.

Trump has stood up for American interests abroad

Trump's 'America First' policy has progressed America's international position.

Trump has managed the economy successfully

Prior to the COVID-19 related global recession, the economy under President Trump was the strongest it had been since the 2008 Financial Crisis. Unemployment rates were low, and the stock market had record gains.

Trump has maintained his campaign promises

Trump's policies were what got him elected, and he has come through implementing them.

No, Donald Trump is a bad president

Trump's record over the last four years has shown him to be poor president.

Trump has driven up the national debt

During Trump's presidency the American debt has drastically increased.

Trump has indulged in cronyism and nepotism

The people Trump surrounds himself with are chosen in a highly corrupt manner.

Trump has alienated America's allies

Trump's actions have made his administration's priorities perfectly clear: America first. As a result of the US adopting a 'go at it alone' attitude to international relations, alliances built on mutual trust and co-operation are being eroded and replaced with increasing isolationism and alienation.
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