Is free software better quality than closed software?

There is no singular way to define the quality of a software; there are many ways to define it. It could be defined by user satisfaction, the efficiency of the code, or the software's technological impact. With this in mind, how does free software compare to closed software?

No, free software is not better quality than closed software.

Open Software more buggy because has problems with support and updates. Also usually poor UI (programmer for programmer without designers and real marketing)

Freeware is a bad way to support the codebase of complex products

Complex software requires a substantial amount of time and effort on the part of the developer. However, these pieces of software are then sold at very low prices or at no price at all. This deters developers from creating such software and shows how the concept of freeware is a fundamental flaw.

Closed software has more benefits than free software

Friendly user interface, high-quality support systems, and easier usability are just some of the benefits of closed software. Free software might be preferred among the tech community, but closed software benefits people of all different skill sets.

Yes, free software is better quality than closed software

Free software is better

Free software is a fundamental freedom in the technology community

Free software is better in terms of its quality and preferred over closed software due to its ethics. It grants users the freedom to access the source code and personalize it. It also ends up creating a better and more secure product.
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