Is human destruction of nature responsible for COVID-19?

As coronavirus infects more and more people globally, the question becomes why now? Why has the pandemic began now? Could it be that increasing levels of climate change and continued destruction of the environment are to blame?

Yes, destruction of the environment caused the coronavirus pandemic

If it weren't for the things humankind is doing to devastate the environment, the coronavirus outbreak wouldn't have happened.

Eating meat

Eating meat, something that is extremely negative for the environment, caused the coronavirus outbreak.

Destruction of the environment

By not taking care of the planet, we are not taking care of ourselves.

No, destruction of the environment did not cause the coronavirus pandemic

While COVID-19 is devastating, it is not caused by environmental destruction.

Pandemics happen

The Plague and Spanish influenza, two incredibly devastating diseases for the human population, are just a small fraction of pandemics that have swept the globe throughout all of human history. Most of the major world pandemics have occurred before the Industrial Revolution and the invention of automobiles, so there is no feasible correlation between human impact on the environment and prevalence of pandemics.

The wildlife trade caused the pandemic

The trading of illegal wildlife is worth over a billion dollars. It was this that caused the pandemic, not the destruction of the environment.
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