Is Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME) a real illness?

Yes, CFS/ME is a real illness

People suffer immensely with CFS/ME

Individuals with ME go through immense physical, social and mental suffering; they may have experienced their careers, relationships and dreams de-railed. ME is a real illness because people would not do this to themselves.

Huge numbers of people have experienced CFS/ME, and continue to do so

Globally similar experiences show that CFS is real, and that there are accurate ways to diagnose it

It is a real illness but the symptoms are very broad and not well known

With such a wide variety of symptoms, sufferers may not get the right diagnosis or treatment

It is both a physical and mental illness requiring dual treatment

Sufferers may need a dual approach to treatment using techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy combined with graded exercise programmes

There is scientific evidence proving its existence

There have been successful trials of antiviral and immunosuppressant drugs in the treatment of this disease

No, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is not a real illness

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