Is cinema art?

Ever since cinema began its debut in the late 1800s, it has captured the awe and imagination of audiences worldwide. While it is no question that cinema is entertainment, many people also wonder whether or not cinema is an art form. So the debate continues here: Is cinema art?

Yes, cinema is art

Cinema is an art form just like any other. It takes creativity and an artistic mind to craft a film; from lighting to camera angles to special effects, costumes, and more, cinematography is by its very definition the art of making film. Without any of these artistic processes, there can be no film.

No, cinema is not art

Cinema is an industry and nothing more. It is mindless entertainment meant to provide a temporary escape from our day-to-day lives, making it a product to be sold like any other. All of the "artistic" processes that go into making a film aren't done with art in mind, but with marketing and profit.
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