Is democracy in America under threat?

Democracy in America has had a tumultuous history, especially with the 2020 Presidential Election, but it has always seemed to triumph in the end. But many Americans believe that democracy is on the decline, while others believe that it's as strong as ever. The debate rages: Is democracy in America under threat?

Yes, democracy in America is under threat

Recent events, including the 2020 Presidential Election and how the Covid-19 pandemic has been handled, prove that democracy in America is on the decline. Trump and others have attacked democracy's very core, and have managed to manipulate it to serve their own ends. When democracy fails to keep our government in check, then it is time to admit that it is no longer working. The American people need to stop being complacent and fight to eliminate all threats to democracy, or come up with something new.

No, democracy in America is not under threat

Democracy in America is operating just fine. If recent events have show us anything, it's that democracy ultimately wins out in the end. From thwarting Trump's attempts to overturn the election, to proving that America is indeed handling the Covid-19 pandemic to the best of its abilities, democracy is operating as strongly as ever. Democracy in America is not under any kind of threat; in fact, it is thriving.
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