Is Disney or Pixar better?

Disney brought animation to the forefront of entertainment media with groundbreaking techniques, timeless stories, and imaginative characters. But when Pixar entered the arena, animation took a new turn. Animation lovers debate which is better: Disney or Pixar?

Disney is better than Pixar

From tales both classic and modern, to stunning animation in both 2D and 3D styles, Disney reigns as one of the oldest and most beloved animation studios of all time. Disney has experience and a huge library of films to back it up, while Pixar is still young and building up its own library. Pixar also lacks musicals, which is part of what makes the Disney style work so well. There is no contest between Disney and Pixar; Disney's rich history beats out Pixar's fledgling filmography hands-down.

Pixar is better than Disney

Pixar may be the new kids on the block compared to Disney, but they are far from inexperienced or untalented. Pixar's stories are more relevant, their animation more impressive, and they understand modern culture far better than Disney, who are stuck in the past, reveling in glory days gone by. Pixar generates fresh, new ideas, while Disney has to fall back on their classics and rehash them to make them "relevant" to younger audiences. For these reasons and more, Pixar has knocked Disney off its throne, and is better in every way.
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