Is gender a social construct?

Is gender a socially constructed ideology which is embedded within an individual's psyche by societal standards of what is typically male or female behavior, or is it more biological than that?

Gender is a social construct

Society shapes the gender role we play in life. It is a mixture of our upbringing, cultural and generational differences that determine our role.

Gender norms are embodied through society

Unlike sex, where your physiological features determine whether you are male or female, gender is associated with the category of sex you are associated with according to your feelings and behaviours. It is society that manages these categories.

Different cultures embody different gender norms

There are varying degrees of what is regarded as masculine and feminine in different cultures. These differences indicate that gender is a social construct.

Gender is not a social construct

Biochemical differences in males and females determine their gender roles, and their innate inclination towards certain behaviours. This behaviour is external to societal influences.

Gender is biological, the level of testosterone in an individual determines this

Prenatal exposure to testosterone determines behaviours that are typically associated with being male or female.

There are biochemical differences in the brains of men and women determining their behaviour

Due to hormonal differences, the development of the human brain varies in males and females, determining their gender.

Gender is an amalgamation of nature and nurture

Both biological and societal factors contribute to the gender identity an individual associates themselves with.

Gender roles are biologically evolutionary, capable of being socially constructed

Gender roles evolve with time. This is impacted biologically through evolution, as well as in tandem with society's structure.
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