Is the practice of eugenics ethical?

It is difficult to disconnect the 20th century's unethical genetic practices from any modern discussion of eugenics. This history makes many people uncomfortable with the idea of genetic engineering. Since then, scientific practices have become far more ethical. Do modern eugenics overshadow the unethical past? Will the practice of eugenics always be unethical?

Eugenics is unethical

Eugenics ultimately leads to a loss of genetic diversity. The practice of eugenics is heavily biased against non-white races, the mentally ill, and lower-class citizens. It also targets those with traits that are considered “deficient” genes. Eugenics is historically tied to Nazi Germany, and promoted by Adolf Hitler during World War II.

Eugenics is unethically abused

Modern eugenics calls to mind the dark past of the eugenics movement during the 1900s. Between the abuse that took place in America and and the horrors of Nazi Germany, it is clear that eugenics can only ever be abused.

Eugenics is an effort to play God

We should leave the human race's genetic design up to nature. When people use genetic engineering to alter humans, they are deciding perfection, which should not be left up to anyone.

Eugenics can create designer babies

Parents deciding to genetically modify their children can quickly get out of hand, leading to designer babies that are more genetically advanced than other children.

Eugenics is ethical

Eugenics improves biological fitness by enhancing the quality of genetic populations and increasing the chances of desirable human traits. The practice also reduces the likelihood of inheritable diseases and abnormalities.

Eugenics improves the human race

The study of genetic engineering has opened up endless potential for curing diseases and improving human life as a whole.

Eugenics is ethical when it is controlled by the individual

When decided by groups of people, eugenics used to single out and abuse others. If a patient or parent decides to use genetic engineering to change one person, it is ethical.

Modern science has changed eugenics for the better

As medical field has progressed, there have been more ethical regulations that professionals must follow. These guidelines ensure the ethical practice of eugenics.
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