Is learning grammar important?

Grammar has long been seen as the foundation of our language, but whether it is necessary for it to be specifically studied is often overlooked. Is learning grammar necessary for learning how to read and write? Is it necessary for learning other languages? How extensively should grammar be taught, if at all?

Learning grammar is important

Grammar is the foundation of our language. It is essential for learning how to read, write, and communicate clearly and effectively.

Grammar helps us to communicate more effectively

Proper grammar is important in helping us to communicate and understand one another. Sentence structure is important in speaking, reading, and writing.

Grammar helps us to learn foreign languages

Understanding our own grammar is essential for learning and adapting to the grammar of other languages. Learning a foreign language's proper sentence structure will help one in forming sentences that are clear and understandable to speakers of said language.

Learning grammar should be a priority

Grammar is the foundation of any language. More time should be spent at the fundamental level of any subject in order to build a proper base upon which to learn the higher level skills.

Learning grammar is not important

Learning grammar is a waste of time. It does not help students learn how to communicate better. It only causes more confusion and slows down the process of learning how to read and write.

Grammar does not need to be taught because it is intuitive

We already learn proper grammar simply through language acquisition. By practicing reading, writing, and speaking, we learn better how to hone our skills to become more effective at communication. Studying grammar only impedes student progress.

Studying grammar is not helpful in learning foreign languages

Studying grammar will not help one to speak fluently in another language. Only through practice in speaking the language can one acquire it.

Studying grammar is a waste of time

The time spent on learning grammar could be better spent on more essential language skills, such as practice in reading, writing, speaking, and giving/receiving feedback.

Changes in language are not bad grammar

Language is constantly evolving. Legitimate changes in the way we speak and the words we use are often incorrectly labeled as "bad grammar." This is incorrect; we simply need language to adapt to suit our current needs.

Learning grammar is useful, but not necessary

While learning grammar can help us in many ways, it is not essential to learning language or communicating effectively.

Grammar is useful only in some forms of communication

Learning grammar is helpful for learning how to read and write, but it is pointless for learning how to speak effectively.

Studying grammar gives us insight, but doesn't teach communication

We can learn many things about our language and others by learning grammar, but grammar does not teach us how to communicate with one another. Language enthusiasts may find it fascinating, but it is nonessential to students in general.

Grammar should be a supplement, not a requirement

While learning grammar can be useful, it should not take up a bulk of students' time because the time could be better spent on more important communication skills. Instead, grammar should be taught only when spare time is found, or even as an elective course.
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