Is marriage an outdated custom?

The idea of marriage scares many people and it is seemingly becoming less and less ideal for younger generations. Nevertheless, marriages are still occurring. Marriage allows partners to identify their commitment on a higher level, as well as gaining benefits such as financial stability. However, government involvement in marriages can cause people to shy away from the institution. Others feel that marriage is not an appropriate act for demonstrating commitment.

Yes, marriage is an outdated custom

Marriage is a simple piece of paper that connects your relationship by law, it does not define how committed you are to someone.

Government involvement is unnecessary

Marriage involves the government more than it signifies union.

You do not need to get married in order to show commitment

Marriage does not define how much a couple is committed to one another.

No, marriage is not an outdated custom

Marriage is voluntary union of a couple to express the commitment to one another.

Marriage further shows your commitment to your partner

A certificate offers a new level of promise to one another.

Married couples are better off

Married couples tend to be more financially stable, healthier and offer greater stability for children.
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