Would a Mars colony need a fixed government?

Advanced Space capabilities are in all likelihood coming rather soon, with SpaceX’s next generation rockets at the forefront. However, exploration of how a colony will fit into the global stage has only been explored by fiction authors thus-far and not decision - makers.

Mars does not need a fixed government

A colony on Mars would be too small to have a government.


People on Mars could live their lives just as well, if not better, without a large, formal government ruling over them. Rather, Martian society should encourage common stewardship and a rejection of capitalist principles.

Mars needs a planned separate government

It's important to have order and structure.

A company rules Mars

With companies becoming arguably more influential players on the global stage than some nation-states, it is perceivable that Mars will be under the rule of, for example, Elon Musk's SpaceX.

A nation-state (or international union) rules Mars

A single nation-state (or, depending on how the planet is settled, an international union of nation-states) should govern Mars as a direct democracy.
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