Should the movie industry focus less on remakes and sequels?

Currently, many of the movies produced in the film industry are remakes, reboots or sequels. At times, these franchise films seem to outnumber films at the cinema with new, standalone plots. While remakes and sequels are often more certain bets for the producers, does this trend negatively impact the film world?

Yes, more films with original concepts should be made.

The film industry is lacking in originality and innovation, and should focus on producing more movies with original ideas.

Movies with fresh and original ideas are more entertaining

New and original films are often more entertaining than sequels and prequels. They also allow for more creative concepts to be explores and diverse plots to be developed.

No, the balance between franchise films and original films is good.

People want to see more of the characters that they know and love.

Franchises keep the industry profitable

As sequels and remakes often have built-in audiences, they are safer and often return more profits. This keeps the film industry alive.

Fans enjoy their favorite series

Sequels and prequels allow fans to watch more content that they know they will love. Characters are able to be developed more, interesting plot lines can be explored, and overall themes and motifs can emerge.
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