Is Narendra Modi a terrorist?

A terrorist is defined as someone who uses unlawful violence and intimidation against a civilian population to advance a political objective. India’s Narendra Modi has been accused of using terror to further his political interests. Did Narendra Modi use acts of terror in Kashmir? Did he enable terrorism during the 2002 Gujarati riots? Or is he innocent of all terror accusations?

Yes, Narendra Modi is a terrorist

Narendra Modi used terror to advance his political aims in Kashmir and was a member of the RSS terrorist organization.

Narendra Modi used to be involved with a radical political party

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is a terrorist organization and Modi's membership makes him a terrorist.

Narendra Modi’s government committed acts of terrorism in Kashmir

The Indian government's actions in Kashmir are a clear case of terrorism.

No, Narendra Modi is not a terrorist

Narendra Modi has been investigated and cleared of terrorism charges.

The Indian Supreme Court cleared Narendra Modi of any wrongdoing

A special task force investigated Modi's past before he became BJPs electoral candidate. It cleared him of wrongdoing.

Narendra Modi enables terrorism

Narendra Modi is not a terrorist himself, but through his actions he enables acts of terror.

Narendra Modi’s rhetoric inflames terrorism

Narendra Modi's rhetoric incites acts of terrorism and enables disgrunted extremists.

Narendra Modi did not attempt to stop violence in 2002

Narendra Modi stood by while thousands of Muslims were killed by an angry mob in 2002.
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