Are we products of nature or nurture?

There is a longstanding debate about what factors contribute to forming each human being's identity. Some argue that genes singlehandedly determine our identity, while others claim that our environment does so. Although psychologists regard some combination of these two factors (i.e. nature and nurture) as what shapes us, there is little consensus on the issue.

Nature is more important than nurture

Genetics determine who you are long before your experiences.

Nature is more important than nurture because the way we learn is innate

Noam Chomsky determined that linguistic ability is predetermined by the genetic "initial state" of the Language Acquisition Device. This shows that nature influences our traits and behaviors more than nurture does.

Nature is more important than nurture because genes determine who we are

Although our environment influences us, genes determine how it affects us. For this reason, nature is more important than nurture.

Nurture is more important than nature

Our experiences, or nurturing, determine who we become.

Nurture is more important than nature because our traits are learned

Albert Bandura used Bobo dolls to prove that aggression is a learned action. This experiment shows that nurture has more of an influence over our behaviors than nature.

Diverse environments nurture us without the effects of nature

Human diversity originates from the infinite combinations of environmental conditions that can exist throughout a person’s life. As much as everyone’s genetics are unique to them, so is their environment.

Nature and nurture are inseparable

Nature and nurture intertwine to weave the complex tapestry that is every human being.

We are products of nature via nurture

Our nature is the blueprint for who we’ll be, but nurture is what builds that blueprint into a person. Depending on who builds the blueprint and how (our environment), many different kinds of people can come from just one blueprint (our genes).

Nature cannot exist without nurture, and vice versa

Just as we influence our environment, our environment influences us. We are equally products of both nature and nurture because of this cycle of give and take.

We are products of neither.

Our genes and our environment shape us, but they don't determine who we are.

Nature versus nurture doesn't matter because we shape our own destiny

The nature versus nurture debate is unnecessarily dichotomous. We are products of the choices we make, which originate from our free will – not genes or our environment.
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