Who should pay for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's security?

On March 31 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially ceased to be senior members of the royal family. Their decision to step down from royal duties comes at a price. Their high security detail is alleged to have cost the UK taxpayer upwards of $9 million. No longer entitled to any public protection, and now based in Los Angeles, some argue the couple must foot the bill themselves. Others call this irresponsible, and say the state - wherever they live - should pay.

Harry and Meghan should pay for their own security

The couple cannot enjoy the benefits of being part of the Firm having chosen to leave it.

As civilians, they are responsible for their own security

Having left the Royal family, the couple is no longer classified as 'internationally protected persons'. It was this classification that meant state obligation to protect them. They now must live under the same expectations as every other private citizen.

Harry and Meghan knew the risk when they left the royals

The move to leave the Royal family was momentous, and not a decision taken lightly. The couple knew the possible outcomes when they chose to renounce their status. They should have anticipated paying their own security costs.

The state should pay

The state has a responsibility to protect its citizens.

As they are at risk of attack, the state should pay

Harry and Meghan are at risk of being kidnapped or attacked due to their 'high value' celebrity status. Therefore, the state should pay for their protection.

Security is a Royal birthright

Having state-funded security is the right of all Royals, wherever they choose to live. The tragic case of Princess Diana illustrates the dangers of losing security for Royals.

Both the state and the couple should contribute

The responsibility should be shared, as both have a duty to contribute.

This is a shared burden

We cannot hold the royal family to the same expectations as the general public. Harry and Meghan have a burden that is partially the state's responsibility, but their decision to drop royal duties means that they should pick up some of the costs.
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