Why are some people always late?

We all know someone who cannot for the life of them show up anywhere on time. We now have a lot of technology that helps us avoid this issue - so where is the problem? Is being late a symbol of disrespect for others' time? Is being late a symbol of optimism in the amount of time it takes to get somewhere? Or something else entirely?

Some people are always late because they are optimistic

They are a little too positive.

Excessive optimism may lead to unrealistic time management

You have half an hour before you have to leave for work. That's enough time to brush your teeth, eat breakfast, walk the dog, and do a bit of yoga-right? Wrong. Excessive optimism about how many activities you can cram into your schedule can lead to persistent tardiness.

People who are late are selfish

They have their own gain in mind.

Some people prioritize their time over other people's

Sometimes, a "me-first" mentality can be beneficial, but never when it comes to punctuality. Some people's tardiness can be attributed to underlying character flaws-specifically, selfishness.

Some people are always late because they have a low opinion of themselves

They expect to disappoint.

Some people self-destructively make poor impressions.

A poor sense of self-worth leads some people to be late constantly because bad self-esteem can result in anxiety or depression, which make it difficult to manage time well.

Some tardy people gauge the passing of time differently

People think of time in various ways.

Type A and Type B process time differently.

Type A and Type B personality differences determine a person's punctuality.

People try to do too much at once, making them late

People are too busy. They have too much going on.

Lateness is caused by being overscheduled.

People who are late are pulled in too many directions, and end up unable to get anywhere on time.
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