Should people wear fur products?

Numerous fashion houses and even entire cities have banned the sale or use of fur. The tides are turning against the fur industry as people become more conscious of the way in it exploits and abuses animals.

No, wearing fur is wrong

Wearing fur is an affront to animal rights.

The fur industry massacres animals

Over a billion animals are killed each year for the fur industry, and the moral depravity in participating in such a wide-reaching and cruel corporate structure is immense.

A fur boycott is the only way to stop the industry

No matter how small a contribution to the fur industry buying fur is, mass boycott is the only way it will stop.

Yes, it's fine to wear fur

Wearing fur is no different to the many other ways animal products are incorporated into our lives.

Wearing fur is no worse than wearing leather

While people reject wearing fur, wearing leather shoes, bags and jackets is not looked at with the same scorn, despite fur and leather being essentially the same thing.

The fur industry isn't as bad as it used to be

As compared to the fur industry of old, newer methods of harvesting fur are less cruel and inhumane. More and more fur is being made to be Origin Assured, meaning there are high standards for the treatment of the animals.

Wearing fur is no different than eating meat

Despite the fact that we eat meat and other animals, there is only a backlash against the fur industry, denoting a double standard concerning the treatment of animals in separate contexts.

It's okay to wear vintage fur

While it's not ethically right to wear new fur, vintage fur is a responsible purchase.

Vintage fur is environmentally friendly

By buying second hand, buying vintage fur is more environmentally friendly than buying a new, non-fur jacket.

Buying vintage fur doesn't contribute to the fur industry

The issue of buying fur lies with the current fur industry. "Vintage" fur does not contribute to the current industry because it was usually produced decades ago.
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