Who is the most powerful person of all time?

Throughout history, many people have lived their lives pursuing power. While many fail, some become successful beyond their wildest dreams and wield levels of power unimaginable to most people. From heads of state to business leaders, religious leaders, and intellectual leaders, who was the most powerful person of all time?

Mark Zuckerberg is the most powerful person of all time

Mark Zuckerberg built and governs over his Facebook empire. As CEO, chairman and controlling shareholder of the world's most popular social media site, he wields a level of power unprecedented in human history.

Mark Zuckerberg is not beholden to anyone

Mark Zuckerberg has a level of unlimited power that political leaders could only dream of.

Mark Zuckerberg controls the spread of information

Mark Zuckerberg has a virtual monopoly on information in many regions of the world.

Mark Zuckerberg controls data

Since the beginning of time, data, in whatever format, has been key to power.

Genghis Khan is the most powerful person of all time

Genghis Kahn founded the largest contiguous empire in history. He enjoyed absolute rule over an empire that spanned across Asia.

Genghis Khan controlled a vast empire

In geographical terms, Gengis Kahn ruled over one of the largest empires ever built. His empire covered large portions of Asia and the Middle-East.

Genghis Khan had the most powerful military ever seen

In military terms, Kahn was one of the most powerful leaders that have ever lived.

Emperor Ashoka is the most powerful person of all time

The third ruler of the Maurya dynasty controlled the largest empire in the Asian subcontinent and helped establish Buddhism as a global religion.

Ashoka had the ability to influence

Power doesn't just control, it is also the ability to influence. Ashoka could do both.

Ashoka controlled global GDP

Ashoka had more control than any other ruler as a percentage of total global domestic product.

Ashoka was able to retain his power

Unlike other leaders, Ashoka was able to retain his power after seizing it. His insistence on non-violence makes his power all the more impressive, as he did little to compel support through violence or terror.

Ashoka built a legacy

A real indicator of power is the legacy a leader leaves behind.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild is the most powerful person of all time

Mayer Amschel Rothschild was a German banker and one of the founders of the modern financial system. His family played a central role in building the modern economical and political landscape.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild invented modern banking

Mayer Amschel Rothschild is the patriarch of the internationally renowned Rothschild family. He has been credited with inventing modern banking.

Mahatma Gandhi is the most powerful person of all time

Real power is the ability to influence minds. Nobody did this more effectively than Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi influenced minds

Mahatma Gandhi obtained power through ideology, the most powerful force on earth. He did not need to concern himself with governance or maintaining or territorial interests.

The American citizen is the most powerful person of all time

The President of the United States is the most powerful position on earth. The American people are responsible for filling that position and are therefore the most powerful kingmakers on earth.

The American Public is the ultimate kingmaker

The American public fills the most powerful job on earth.
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