What are the pros and cons of political correctness?

Does PC culture stagnate a society’s progression, or does it set better more inclusive terms for everyone? Is political correctness useful? Has political correctness gone too far?

Political correctness is bad for our society

Political Correctness restricts society and prevents progress that could arise by discussing difficult issues

Political correctness opposes free speech

Political correctness is a form of censorship. It goes against Western values and slows society's progression.

Political correctness' suppression of ideas leads to their polarisation

Political correctness merely prevents people using offensive words, the motivation behind them remains, and views become more harmful once suppressed

Political correctness is necessary and useful in our society

Political correctness defines society’s boundaries and ensures the safety of minority groups

Political correctness helps us define the terms of our society

Political correctness defines the boundaries of our society and ensures the safety of minority groups

Political correctness maintains respect in debate

Political correctness is needed in order to have a civilised debate.

Those who oppose political correctness want to make prejudice acceptable

The suggestion that ‘freedom of speech has gone too far’ is ‘a smoke screen for regressivism and accusing people of political correctness is an active attempt at devalidating them

Political correctness is neither good or bad for our society

Political correctness doesn’t eradicate controversial views in any way

Political correctness only censors, not changes

Political correctness only prevents words from being said, the motivations and views behind them do not change
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