What separates humans from animals?

For some, it is obvious that we are not the same as animals. But is it just our ability to imagine and create stories about there being a difference that separates us? Or is there something more tangible?

Nothing separates humans from animals

Humans are the same as other animals, they are just more intelligent as a result of evolution.

Animals and humans share many important attributes

In regard to physicality, behavior, and emotions, mankind is not distinct from the rest of the animal kingdom. On the contrary, we share many of the things that "make us human," from our social inclinations to our mental capacities, with animals.

The human mind separates humans from animals

The human mind separates us from other species.

The human mind's unique capabilities

The human mind can perform functions that other species cannot, which differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. Particularly, our ability to follow multi-step processes, create our own tools, and self-consciously reflect on our actions are unique. These abilities give us an edge over the rest of the animal kingdom.

Human relationship with sex

Our relationship with sex is indicative that the human psyche differs from that of other species.

Human skill transmission

While most animal behavior is instinctual, much of human behavior is learned. Our methods of skill transmission allow for information to be passed down from generation to generation, letting our species retain inventions and ideas. In other words, our ability to learn new information separates us from animals.

Behavior separates humans from animals

Human behavior sets us apart from other species.

Communication abilities of humans

Humans communicate in ways that are more complex and unique than any other species. This aspect of human behavior confirms our separation from animals.

Emotional responses of humans

Humans are the only species capable of blushing and crying for emotional reasons. Our deeper emotional responses differentiate us from animals.
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