Should the American working class vote for Trump or Biden?

30-50% of American adults would describe themselves as working class. A large part of the population, yet one which doesn’t feel heard. Both Trump and Biden have appealed to them by making themselves seem more relatable and trustworthy. If elected, how will they support this alienated demographic?

The American working class should vote for Trump

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan resonated with many voters in 2016. It brings to mind a booming economy and the possibility of bettering one’s own circumstances. Trump’s policies revolve around bringing jobs back to the manufacturing sector, lowering taxes, and investing in infrastructure.

Trump will bring back jobs in manufacturing

Trump has championed bringing back American manufacturing jobs. He has made it harder for big corporations to move production abroad to increase employment in the sector.

Trump will increase spending on infrastructure

Trump plans to increase infrastructure spending. This will create jobs, boost the economy and provide long term improvements in the quality of life of all Americans.

Biden will raise taxes for companies and households

Biden wants more government control and regulation. In order to achieve many of his policies, he will need more funding. This money will come from hardworking American families.

The American working class should vote for Biden

Over the course of his candidacy, Biden has been working on building support among working class voters. If elected to office, he plans to implement policies to increase housing affordability, improve the Affordable Care Act and tax high income households and corporations to provide better living conditions for everyday Americans.

Biden is proposing tax cuts and benefits for low income households

Biden will invest in poorer communities across the country. His plans include increasing spending to provide more affordable housing, helping to bridge the racial wealth gap and implementing a child tax benefit to support low income families.

Biden will expand healthcare programs

Biden is planning expansions to the Medicare and Medicaid programs. He is vowing to increase eligibility and national coverage and to reduce costs to households.

Trump used his time in office to benefit large corporations and the wealthy

During Trump’s tenure as president, he has overseen tax breaks to large corporations and the wealthiest people in the country. There is little evidence that his policies have improved living conditions or the financial situation of low income households.
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