Should bullfighting be banned?

Bullfighting has been a Spanish sport and beloved tradition since the 8th century. But in modern times, the sport has come under scrutiny as animal rights activists claim that it is unethical. People are beginning to wonder: Should bullfighting be banned?

Yes, bullfighting should be banned

Bullfighting is a vicious and inhumane sport in which the animals are mentally and physically tortured, then brutally put to death by sword. These animals are raised to be abused and killed for entertainment. Not only is this bad for the bulls, but it is dangerous to the humans participating in the event. This terrible practice ought to be banned.

No, bullfighting should not be banned

Bullfighting is a time-honored tradition and an important part of Spanish culture and identity. The bulls used in bullfighting are generally treated better than bulls raised for meat, and are respected in the bullfighting community. Matadors also know the risks involved in bullfighting, just as in any sport. It is not as inhumane as it is made out to be. Bullfighting should not be banned.
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