Should junk food be banned for children?

In a day and age where junk food is everywhere, more people are adopting unhealthy diets, resulting in health problems and weight gain. Many experts agree that a healthy lifestyle starts while we're young, so the question arises: Should junk food be banned for children?

Yes, junk food should be banned for children

Young children should not be exposed to junk food. It primes them for a lifetime of unhealthy eating habits, setting into motion a chain of events that will eventually lead to health problems, weight gain, and could even lead to an early death. Junk food should be banned for children. Healthy eating habits need to be established early so that when children grow up, they can make informed decisions about their health and diets.

No, junk food should not be banned for children

Children do need to be taught healthy eating habits at a young age, but banning junk food is not the way to do it. Instead, children need to be taught responsibility with junk food; how much is safe to eat as an occasional treat, how to properly balance one's diet, etc. Exposing them to junk food early with responsible guidelines will teach them how to monitor their own diets as they grow up, whereas banning junk food will only handicap their learning about dietary responsibility.
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