Should kids play minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox videogame with an infinite blocky terrain where players can design, build, explore, and fight enemies. It is hugely popular across age groups, with many young players. Like any videogame, there is a mixture of advantages and disadvantages, so should kids be allowed to play it?

Yes, kids should play Minecraft

Minecraft is beneficial for children's development and has huge educational potential, while also being entertaining.

Minecraft improves problem-solving skills

Minecraft promotes creativity

Minecraft teaches resource management

Minecraft improves geometry skills and spatial awareness

Minecraft can be used in educational settings

No, kids should not play Minecraft

Minecraft is not beneficial for children as it exposes children to a toxic gamer community and potential addiction. It takes up too much of children's time when they could be doing something more important.

Minecraft can be time-consuming and addictive

Minecraft can expose kids to bullying and trolling

Minecraft can be played online on multiplayer servers, and other players can be violent or destructive.

Minecraft involves violence

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