Should university be free?

No, University fees should remain the same

Privilege not a right

Higher education is a non-essential product and should be charged as such

University is a premium product and should be charged as such

If University was free almost everyone would have a degree, lessening their worth in an already oversaturated market

Tuition fees should be the same but maintenance loans should be increased

Tuition fees don't have to be repaid until over the threshold so don't have much affect on debt and/or ability to go to uni

The amount of maintenance loan you recieve determines whether you can afford to live at university

Those who have to work part time to fund university have less time to focus on their studies, which puts them at a disadvantage compared to students who do not have to work

Funding should be increased for STEM subjects


More people would enter STEM careers if degrees were more accessible

Yes, University should be free to attend

Market saturation

Undergraduate degrees are increasingly essential for most jobs, but a lot of people can't afford to attend; we must make it more accessible to close gaps between classes.

Accessible university for low income families would increase social mobility

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