Should the U.S. break up into smaller distinct nations?

The United States, the third largest country in the world, spans an entire continent and touches two oceans. A flight from coast to coast takes on average six hours, and a drive takes about 45 hours. It is an enormous place, encompassing dozens of ethnicities, states, ideologies, and dynamics. Such a large place brings with it disagreement, but whether those disagreements are large enough to result in the need for smaller nations is up for debate.

Yes, the US should break into smaller nations

The differences between the regions and states of the United States have become too stark. America is simply too large to achieve cohesion, and if any real progress is to be made in the country, it must change its thinking and become separate countries. This would afford the sharp regional differences to no longer hinder a federal government. Furthermore, there has long been a states’ rights mentality in the United States, to break down a step further is the logical progression. A situation like the European Union may be favorable.

Americans see it coming and welcome it

George Washington once wrote, “The establishment of our new Government seemed to be the last great experiment for promoting human happiness.” Yet today, no American seems truly satisfied.

America’s time is up

No one likes an aging star, and admittedly America had a nice run. They wrote a pretty good Constitution, won two world wars, invented the internet, and were the first men on the moon. Now, in the midst of a mess, it might be time to cut America’s losses.

Differences are too sharp to foster progress

With the nation more divided than ever, especially visible by the nail-biting closeness of the 2020 presidential election, it seems that progress may be a thing of the past. With such different visions on how the country can improve, and a political system committed to running back the previous administration’s efforts, America may just be treading water by sticking together.

No, the U.S. should remain as a whole

The diversity of the United States is attributed to many things, but a large part may be its size. America finds its strength in its unique situation as a nation of greatly This diversity ensures a type of balance. Strength is not found in similarities, but differences. If nations are formed in what their citizens have in common instead of focusing on building connections in all ways, it is a huge detriment to the strength of country.

Cultural and regional diversity are strengths

America has long been famed as the land of the free and a home for all kinds of people. For centuries, immigrants from around the world, as well as a legacy of slavery, have guaranteed the United States as a culturally diverse place.
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