Should we abandon online privacy?

An infringement on our privacy is ubiquitous to the modern internet era. The media paints the image that all of our online activities, from mindless internet browsing to banking information, is being monitored by hackers, corporations and even governments. However, there may still be ways, and things society can do, to maintain anonymity. Is online privacy a lost cause which should be abandoned altogether? Or can we still retain it?

No, we should not abandon online privacy

Everybody needs to have the right to privacy. Just as people should have their private information protected in the real world, they should also have it protected on the internet.

People value privacy in real life, so they should value privacy online

People expect to have privacy in the offline world. We do not want people we do not know to have access to our houses, passports or mail. Therefore, we should bring this same sense of cautiousness to our online activity and fight for online privacy.

There are still ways to be private online

The idea of an online world where users can still have privacy is not a lost cause. There are organisations fighting for anonymity, and things we can do as individuals to take control over our private data. Therefore, we should not abandon online privacy.

Yes, we should abandon online privacy.

Privacy is an outdated concept, that doesn't work in our connected world. We should embrace the benefits of full transparency.

So much of our online privacy has already been taken

Governments, corporations and agencies already have access to so much of our personal information. We should abandon the idea of online privacy altogether, because in the future, we will have no privacy whatsoever.

People are oblivious towards online privacy

Online users are not aware about the dangers of not having privacy online. If the public are completely oblivious, then online privacy is a lost cause which might as well be abandoned.
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