Should we care for environment?

A 'resource' that has been historically abused for its seeming endlessness, the onus of who should care for the environment becomes a progressively more and more contentious issue. Humans have recently had to reconsider the place that they have or the place that they were given without the world and the implications that has for the environment.

Yes, it is immoral to abuse the environment

Through various philosophies, the conclusion is reached that we have some form of duty to care for the environment

Discriminating against animals is akin to racism

Humans are treated equally because of their capability to reason however this is incredibly arbitrary.

The planet is the only thing with intrinsic value

The Earth is the only thing that has value in and of itself, all other entities have only instrumental value

Caring for the environment will ensure the longevity of the human race

Its in the human races' best interests to care for the environment if we want to sustain existence

Every other animal cares for the environment, so should we

Humans should not see themselves as possessing superiority over the rest of the environment

By protecting and nourishing the environment, we are realising our full potential

We wouldn't be able to truly realise our potential if we disregarded the environment's importance

Yes, religion tells us to care for the environment

The 'Stewardship' view - God made humans stewards of the world, therefore we have a duty to care for the environment

God entrusted us with the environment

For Christians, Old Testament passages can be interpreted as God bestowing the world to us so that we trust it

No, human superiority allows us to use the environment for its instrumental value

There are benefits to disregarding the environment

Only humans are capable of reason

Humans have powers and attributes that do not exist anywhere else in nature

No, religion tells us that we should use the environment for its instrumental value

The 'Dominion' view - God made humans superior to everything else, therefore we have supremacy over the rest of the environment.

God made humans superior

We have a God given right to dominate the environment
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