Is sleeping during the night important for health?

Some people prefer to work at night, and they call themselves night owls. Early birds are the people sleep at night and wake up early. Many CEOs and business tycoons propagate the virtues of sleeping at night and waking up early. On the other hand, there are top creatives who prefer working at night. But which one of these promotes healthy habits and good mental and physical health?

Only sleeping at night will keep one healthy

A person's body and mind benefit the most from nocturnal sleep.

Our Bodies and Minds Need Nocturnal Sleep

We become our healthiest when we sleep at night, for that's the optimal time in which our bodies and minds can rest and heal

One need not sleep at night to be healthy

The time of day in which people sleep does not affect their health.

Sleeping times do not affect a person's health

Contrary to popular belief, it does not matter when a person sleeps
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