Are Stephen King's novels sexist?

Stephen King is one of the world's top-paid authors, with over sixty published books and even more films and TV shows based upon these novels. The way he portrays women in these books, unfortunately, is not always the best. Women are constantly subject to abuse, fantasy, and objectification. Are Stephen King's novels sexist, or not?

Yes, Stephen King's novels are sexist

His novels do not give women the respect or treatment that they deserve.

Stephen King frequently portrays violent acts against women

Women are often subject to domestic violence, abuse, and harassment.

Stephen King's novels hyper-sexualize women

Whenever a female character is involved, there is almost certainly going to be something sexual.

Stephen King's mother characters are often depicted as monsters

More frequently than not, mother characters in these novels are depicted as villains.

Stephen King's female characters are frequently framed as objects

From Christine to It, women aren't seen as full people in Stephen King's novels.

No, Stephen King's novels are not sexist

He portrays women as strong, depicting them as triumphant.

Stephen King constantly includes strong female protagonists

Stephen King has an abundance of strong female leads in his stories.

Stephen King's stories often show females as overcomers

Women overcome all odds in his books, showing strength.
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