Is Thanos really a villain?

One of the latest villains in the esteemed and massively popular Marvel Cinematic universe is an alien named Thanos. Far above other beings, he believes that half of the world needs to be exterminated in order to save the planet. This may sound terrible, but Thanos has surprisingly understandable logic. Is Thanos evil, or justified in his claims?

Yes, Thanos is a villain

We cannot accept his kind of logic and action in the world which will lead to great suffering.

Thanos murdered millions of living beings

Thanos murders half of the Earth’s population with the snap of his fingers. While he argues that he is doing what is necessary for the good of the world, it does not condone the murder of billions of people, making him a true villain.

Thanos was ruthless, even to his own children

The way he treated his own kids classifies him as a bad guy.

No, Thanos is not a villain

His cause is just, his approach reasonable.

Thanos has reason for his actions

Although maybe skewed, Thanos did have a good reason for his actions.

Thanos's logic makes sense

The logic behind his actions does make sense. In the 2018 movie Avengers: Infinity the character Thanos claims that by wiping out half the universe he will save it from destroying itself. His argument is a simple one, less people means more resources for each person.
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