Was Twitter correct in fact checking Trump?

On May 28th, Twitter added a fact check to a Trump Tweet about mail in ballots. The President has argued that this is a type of political censorship. Is Twitter a public square or private forum? Does a fact-check limit free speech? Was Twitter correct in fact-checking Trump's tweets?

Yes, Twitter was correct to fact check Trump

Twitter did the right thing to fact check the President of the United States. Twitter is a platform with enormous reach, and it is critical that information, especially from those in power, is factual and correct.

No, Twitter should not have fact checked Trump

Twitter is in the public sphere and should not be involved in limiting free speech and expression. The President has the right to share what he wants, without censorship from Twitter. Twitter should not wield political power in this way by limiting a particular point of view.

Twitter is a biased actor and frequently targets conservatives

With most users leaning left and the company employing unintelligible algorithms that fixate on keywords, there is a clear political bias showcased by Twitter with conservative voices being censored and fact-checked at a greater rate than their liberal counterparts.

Fact checking itself is not black and white, it is subjective

In many circumstances, individuals are not objectively wrong or right, so the act of removing content or tagging it as inadmissible could reveal the media site as biased.
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