Should the voting age be 16?

Traditionally, the legal age for voting is 18. However, as more and more teenagers become politically active, calls have increased for the voting age to decrease to 16 so that older teenagers can vote. Should 16- and 17-year-olds be allowed to have their voice heard politically? Or are they simply not mature enough?

Yes, the age should be lowered

We should move the legal voting age to 16.

More voices should be involved in the process

We should incorporate as much of the population as possible in decisions involving voters.

16-year-olds are capable of formulating opinions

Sixteen-year-olds are beginning to become independent-they are old enough to make their own decisions.

They have adult responsibilities, but can't vote

Once rights involving freedom are given, teenagers should be able to vote.

We should start incorporating politics as early as possible

Lowering the voting age increases voter turnout and instills habits for young voters.

No, the voting age is fine as it is

The requirement is fine at 18.

The legal age of an adult is eighteen

If one is considered a legal adult, one should be able to vote.

Responsibilities are really starting

Life is beginning to happen, and this is the perfect age for the concept of civic duty to make an appearance.

If someone can be drafted, they should be able to vote

If one can be forced to fight in a war, one should be able to help shape their country.

No, the age requirement should be raised

Teenagers shouldn't be voting.

Life experience should be required

People under twenty haven't had the life experience to understand what they are voting for.

The age category of 18-29 has very low turnout

Statistically, young people vote less. Therefore, there is no point allowing them to vote.

Young people are easily influenced and manipulated

As seen in social media and other forms of online content, young people can too easily be taken advantage of to be entrusted with this right.

The brain isn't fully developed until 25

Teenagers do not have a fully developed brain, and so should not be expected to vote rationally.
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