Should the wealthy pay more taxes?

Western societies have become more economically unequal, with a small minority holding the majority of the wealth while public services continue to decline. The back drop of austerity has made this inequality even starker, leading many to question whether the richest should be paying more to help fund public services?

Yes, the wealthy should have to pay more in taxes

The wealthy should not be able to accumulate capital in the way they currently can, and should pay more taxes so other benefit.

Wealthy people benefit the most from society’s structure

As they see the most benefit from our societal structure, the wealthy should also have to pay more to support it.

Raising taxes on the wealthy would reduce inequality

Income inequality would significantly decrease if the wealthy had to pay more tax, stabilising the middle class.

There's a moral obligation to look after the less privileged

The wealthy have the resources to significantly help those least advantaged. They should be obliged to do so.

No, the wealthy should not have to pay more tax

It is unfair to punish the wealthy for their success.

Wealthy people already pay their fair share

The tax burden on the wealthy is already proportionally higher than any other income group, and their taxation helps pay into a substantial portion of public service costs. It would be unfair to increase their share further.

Wealthy people opt out of some public services

Wealthy people do not utilise public services as much as the non-wealthy, relieving pressure on the system.

Higher taxes disincentivises wealth and job creation

By taking more of the wealthy's income, they are less likely to want to continue in further income or job creation.
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