Is Western liberalism obsolete?

In a 2019 interview with the Financial Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin called Western liberalism "obsolete". He is not alone. The death of the West's ideological mainstay, is being discussed by everyone, from former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, to Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban, and high-profile journalists including Edward Luce and James Traub. Authoritarian China is ascendant. Free trade, the rule of law, freedom of movement and tolerance are in trouble around the world. So, has the cluster of ideas known as Western liberalism had its day?

No, western liberalism is needed more than ever.

Western liberalism is a cornerstone of healthy democracy.

Alternatives to Western liberalism are dangerous ideologies

A rising authoritarian tide is threatening Western liberalism. And looking even further afield to spread its wings across the world.

Western liberalism can adapt to a changing macro-environment

Western liberalism is flexible, and can move with current ideological trends.

Western liberalism is not obsolete, but under threat.

Western liberalism is in decline, and at risk of wipe-out.

Western liberalism creates wealthier countries

Liberalism may be under threat, but most wealthy countries are still liberal market democracies.

Authoritarian leaders call for the end of Western liberalism

Russian Premier Vladimir Putin is just one global leader who has eagerly commented on its decline.

Liberalism has outlived its purpose.

Liberalism is no longer critical to the social or economic health of a nation.

Individuals, not ideologies, determine the character of a society

Liberalism has failed to create value for all, and in doing so has given rise to the age of populist individuals.

Liberalism is being replaced by Christian democracy

Liberalism is giving way to the rise of hard right religious populism.

Yes, Western liberalism is over, and it's a shame.

Western liberalism is dead.

Populism is now the guiding political principle in the West and beyond

The rise of Trump, Brexit, Salvini's Italy and Orban's Hungary are just a few examples of how populism now dominates the Western political agenda.
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