What are the conspiracy theories around Donald Trump?

In the four years since billionaire Realtor Donald Trump became American President, conspiracy theories have proliferated. These theories variously describe Trump as a powerless puppet controlled by foreign governments, evil megalomaniac exploiting his position for self-serving goals, and dangerous lunatic. What are the conspiracy theories around Donald Trump, and is there any truth in them?

Donald Trump lied about the impact of the coronavirus on his health

He may have publicly stated that he hadn't felt as good in twenty years, but the reality is that the coronavirus obliterated Trump's health.

Donald Trump was carrying a secret oxygen tank with him when he met with Marine One

Despite Trump's claims that the coronavirus has barely affected his health, the President has been secretly carrying an oxygen concentrator with him to supplement his failing lungs.

Donald Trump was infected with coronavirus as part of a Chinese assassination attempt

Trump was deliberately infected with the deadly coronavirus by the Chinese government. Since 2016, Trump has introduced a number of policies that have damaged Chinese trade. With the 2020 election approaching, China's government went to extreme lengths to prevent a second term.

Donald Trump is being controlled by foreign nations

Donald Trump is working for the other side and feeding classified US information to foreign powers.

Donald Trump is a Russian agent

The American President is a Russian spy, using his access to top secret American security information to fuel the Russian ascendancy.

Donald Trump is being blackmailed by Vladimir Putin

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has damning proof of Trump's salacious deviancy. Trump has no choice but to heed to Putin's demands to protect his reputation.

Donald Trump is dismantling a global child trafficking paedophile ring

Trump is infiltrating and destroying an insidious cabal of high powered paedophiles.

Donald Trump is an immortal alien

According to Vice journalist MJ Banias, "Trump might have contracted coronavirus in an attempt to shed his mortal flesh and shapeshift into something else.

Donald Trump is an immortal alien

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