What are the positions on nuclear weapons?

Nuclear weapons have been inciting fear, controversy, and awe since their creation. With the recent push to ban these weapons gaining popularity across the world, many new positions have sprung up as a response.

Nuclear weapons should be banned

Nuclear weapons are destructive and costly. There should be a worldwide push to prohibit the development, stockpiling, and testing of these weapons and eradicate them completely.

Funds allocated to nuclear weapons could be better spent elsewhere

With billions of dollars being spent worldwide every year on nuclear weapons programs, there is public outcry that other government programs that are more important to society are being ignored. Reallocating nuclear funds to social programs could create a more healthy and safe world.

Nuclear weapons are inhumane

Nuclear Weapons destroy infrastructure, the environment, and lives indiscriminately. These weapons are inhumane to use at any point and would have catastrophic consequences if used in the modern world.

Nuclear weapons are essential in the modern world

Nuclear weapons are an important part of the modern world. Although relations are tense between many powerful countries, the threat of nuclear war deters any serious conflict and creates peace.

Nuclear weapons act as a deterrent for war

The threat of nuclear weapons keeps powerful countries from engaging in conflict. The introduction of these weapons into the world has allowed for leaders to be more cautious with their foreign diplomacy for fear of the destructive consequences of nuclear weapons.

Nuclear weapons are a reality we must accept

Although nuclear weapons are destructive and have the potential to do large amounts of damage to the world. They are a reality that we must accept as there is no effective way to ensure that every country would uphold a worldwide agreement to ban them.

It would be impossible to enact a world-wide ban of nuclear weapons

Although banning nuclear weapons would be ideal, it is simply not possible in the modern world. It would be impossible to force every country to agree to disarm their nuclear arsenal, or to keep them from building back up even if they have agreed.
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